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Joseph Brennan:

Designer, Artist, Craftsman, Sculptor, Musician, Engineer, Devoted Friend. Undoubtedly a renaissance man who is truly as unique as the one-of-a-kind art furniture he imagines, designs, creates, and perfects. Though his passion is Art Furniture specializing in exotic hardwoods, metal, and glass, he is talented beyond the average in a plethora of interests. He is skilled and capable to design and engineer anything on which he sets his mind and welcomes the challenge from his clients.  Joseph is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Industrial Design and also holds an AAS in Mechanical Engineering Technologies.


Love 4 Infinity (Front View Open)

Love 4 Infinity for Kathy Cash

I was looking for something special for my daughters sixteenth birthday. I wanted something that she would have forever that would be a reminder of my deep love for her. My special saying for her is “I love you to infinity and back”.  I wanted a small keepsake box that would exemplify this. I immediately thought of my old high school friend, Joseph Brennan. I knew he would be able to create such a special gift. I contacted him and we discussed my relationship with my daughter and how much she means to me. After several conversations I left the final design up to Joseph. I knew that he would do an outstanding job with my requests. When I received this unique piece of art, I was overwhelmed by the design, beauty, and craftsmanship! When I presented it to my daughter, she was speechless!  The thought and care Joseph put into this special work of art, portrayed exactly what I wanted my daughter to know.  He nailed it on the head!  I will be contacting him again in the near future for another commission for my younger daughters sixteenth “I love you circles always and forever”.  I am very excited to see what he comes up with!
– Kathy Cash (Syracuse, New York)


Sacrificial Love (Double - Close-Up)

Sacrificial Love (Cross on Cross) for Gina

From the artwork that I saw on Joseph’s website, I knew that I wanted to commission two pieces– crucifixes to celebrate my parents’ wedding anniversary and a friend’s baptism. Joseph showed me gorgeous prototypes to chose from with Christ made out of a light colored wood. I told him, “Joseph, these are beautiful, but I needed a brown Jesus. Can you do that?” He more than delivered! My parents and friend are so honored to have their one of a kind gifts. Those inspiring crucifixes were the highlights of both celebrations. God is blessing the work of his hands.
– Gina (San Antonio, Texas)


Chief Tenderlove for Jim Dudukovich

“I first met Joseph Brennan in 1996, when I accompanied my wife to her high school reunion in Syracuse, New York. Within that short time, his integrity and passion made such a deep impression on me that ten years later when I wanted to give my wife a special anniversary present, I immediately thought of him. What I wanted to give my wife was a cigar store Indian, designed and hand-carved by Joseph. You see, my wife and I had a very unique wedding in which the entire wedding party wore shark skin jackets and vintage 1950′s dresses, and the music was by a wonderful band called Cigar Store Indians, who play 1950′s-inspired rockabilly-ish music.Words can’t really express what Joseph did for me to accommodate my wishes. I had honestly never worked with someone who poured so much of themselves into a project. From searching for just the right piece of wood, to his intense research of cigar store Indians, hundreds of Indian faces, photos of our wedding, photos he requested of me actually in my Sharkskin Jacket posing exactly to his vision lead to making this gift as special and unique as our wedding day. On top of all this (literally) a memorable special touch because the tenth anniversary is the “aluminum anniversary”, he handmade ten aluminum feathers for the statue’s headdress. His skill, his creativity, his attention to detail, and his commitment to his client (me) were unlike anything I had ever seen.

As part of the final honor, Joseph hand-delivered the statue to me the morning of our anniversary celebration by driving it down from Charlotte to Atlanta, so I could surprise my wife with this very special gift Not only was she speechless, but our guests spent much of the party gathered around our “cigar store Indian” somewhat awestruck at what Joseph had created.

”Chief Tender Love” has taken up permanent residence in our foyer, where he welcomes each and every guest to our home.”
– Jim Dudukovich (Atlanta, Georgia)


Fuwimind for JoEllen

“I have commissioned Mr. Brennan for two pieces of art in my home.  One other I have purchased at his showroom.  I find his work to be impeccably detailed. Furthermore, he is not only a design oriented individual but a person who evokes high standards of craftsmanship for each and every task he develops.”
– JoEllen (New York, New York)


Twointone for Pete & Lori

“As the proud owner of ‘Twointone’ I would like to personally thank you for undertaking this monumental effort. Your creativity, craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none. Not only is this headboard a beautiful hand-crafted work of art, but it represents a spirit and feeling of oneness and natural beauty. ”
– Pete & Lori (Charlotte, North Carolina)


LeBlanc 28 for Norm & Joan

“Joseph is not one to settle for the ordinary…his talents go beyond the artistry of woodworking. This is truly evident in each of his pieces which are all unique and inspiring.”
– Joan & Norm (Davidson, North Carolina)

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